Andean Facial:

limpieza-facial-andinarelax and renew your skin, enjoy this exquisite facial treatment. it consists in everything you need to regain youthful brilliance and freshness to your face. your skin will thank you.

Includes: deep cleaning, exfoliation, tonification and hydration using our medicinal plants as well as andean fruits and flowers. masks made in accordance to your skin type. also includes ten minutes of face massage.

Duration: 60 minutes *

Price: S/. 90.00

Facial for Sensitive Skin:

Recommended for sensitive, damaged irritated sunburnt or cold damaged skin. it uses “quinoa”, known for its high nutritional value. it is also rich in vitamin e mineral oils and acids. it reestablishes the moisture and freshness your skin needs. you will notice the difference immediately.facial2

Duration: 60 minutes *


  • cleansing,
  • exfoliation,
  • tonification,
  • maceration,
  • facial massage,
  • quinoa mask and
  • hydrating cream.