Inka Massages


The incan secret for health and beauty:


Inca Healing Massage:

This massage is typical of our ancestors, based in medicinal plants which were used by the incas for the relaxation of the body and for the prevention of sicknesses.

For example: coca, inca kisa kisa etc.  and many others.

Duration: 60 minutes

includes, relaxing music, aromatherapy and natural coca cream.

Price: S/. 100.00



Reflexology is a science based on the principle that there are areas on the feet and hands that correspond to all glands, organs, and other parts of the body.

This treatment creates an optimal equilibrium of the body, minimizes pain, and obtains the desired relaxation.

Reflexology is a particular form of massage which allows for the discovery

of the client´s state of health and the prevention of various health problems by means of a series of stimula and pressure applied to the foot.

Duration: 40 minutes

Price: S/. 60.00



Shiatsu is a massage method which uses pressure to combat both the body´s and the spirit´s desequillibrium. it is an application of the techniques of traditional chinese medicine and follows the same energetic and meridianal principles as acupuncture.  shiatsu´s enormous healing potential was discovered in Japan. its principle is based on the notion of vital energy (qui in chinese or ki in japanese).  this energy circulates throughout the body through energy channels which can be affected by applying pressure to specific points.  the objective of shiatsu is to re-establish balanced flow of vital energy in our body and thus calm discomforts.

Warning: Some points must be avoided during pregnancy

Duration: 60 minutes

Includes: relaxing music, aromatherapy and optional natural oils

Price: S/. 80.00


Andean Energetic Massage:

Long live the pleasure of the authentic energetic massage.  this treatment invites you to enjoy the powers of our precious stones and andean plants.  it is a unique experience which allows you to witness the preparation of the creams which will later be used as part of your massage, ensuring your total relaxation.

Duration: 90 minutes


  • exfoliation of the entire body to stimulate circulation and eliminates impurities from the skin
  • aromatic and medicinal herb bath
  • energetic massage with gems and andean essential oils

Price: S/. 190.00


Energetic Harmonization:

Energetic harmonization with stones and crystals is a soothing method used to obtain the alignment of our body by incorporating energy using stones and gemas. from time immemorable natives of various peoples used stones and gemas as their tools for healing.

Quartzes, malaquitas, agatas and other semi-precious stones have been used for generations for their harmonizing and equilibrium creating properties.

Duration: 60 minutes

Includes: relaxing music, aromatherapy

Price: S/. 120.00



This remedy resides in the thumbs and is considered to be the mother of acupuncture with the difference that it does not employ needles. This technique consists in massaging certain parts of the body with the thumbs and fingertips. it alleves physical and nervous fatigue and prevents and cures various ailments.

Duration: 60 minutes

Includes: relaxing music, aromatherapy

Price: S/. 80.00



Reiki (vital energy) is transmitted by a channel through her hands to a receptor who could be the same or another person with the object of collect and eliminate ailments and sicknesses.  and since reiki is a universal energy, these treatments can be directed to all life forms, including plants and animals.

Although reiki is a healing treatment, it is not recommended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment prescribed by a professional but it can be used in a complimentary fashion.

Duration: 60 minutes

Includes: meditation music, aromatherapy (optional)

Price: S/. 180.00


Sport Massage:

This is a vigorous massage involving movement and pressure for people suffering from muscle pain resulting from strenuous activity and includes the use of anesthetising cream such as ones made of coca leaf, chirichiri and other andean plants.


Floral Massage:

Is ideal for eliminating stress, tensions, fatigue. surrounded by delicate aromas, you will enjoy with this complete treatment applied to the face and body a carefully studied combination of extracts and natural essences. soft and natural porous bags with herbs and aromatic extracts will be the great aly in this massage. this massage is solely for relaxation purposes.

Includes: relaxing music, aromatherapy and natural essences.


Special Andean Massage

The mixed massage is one of our specialties which is composed of a combination of various massage techniques.

  • Shiatsu
  • Swiss Massage,
  • Champi massage (a peruvian technique),
  • reflexology on the hands and feet
  • and finally energetic harmonization and crystal therapy aromatherapy with medicinal plants and relaxing music.


Geo therapy body mask:

This lavish treatment uses the same techniques described in the Gep Therapy facial to tone and purify your entire body.