Jacuzzi and Sauna



Please reserve the Jacuzzi 1 hour before your desired time of use.


  • Towel
  • Sandal
  • Hot shower

Duration 30 or 60 minutes.



saunaWe select the most suitable exfoliation, according to your skin type. The treatment increases blood circulation, removes dead cells and other impurities from the body, leaving a mild effect on the skin, improving its appearance. This exfoliation is followed by a moisturizing massage 30 minutes, using a coca cream that nourishes the skin. The coca leaf is considered very important in the Andean tradition with its magical, religious and medicinal items. Coca leaves are natural stimulants that contain vitamins and minerals. Our treatments coca leaf are designed to detoxify and improve circulation in the body. The fragrances used are coca and natural fragrances. DURATION: 75 minutes.

Recommendations for the SPA and Sauna

  • Please advise the therapist about any allergies, prescription, pregnancy or other medical condition before treatment.
  • Patients must be over 16 to use the services of the SPA, otherwise must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.
  • We will include towel and shower after your therapy or sauna.
  • Use swimsuit or comfortable clothing for the sauna.
  • The scheduled time for the sauna is 15 minutes 45 minutes, and it is suggested that you take a break in the middle of the session. In addition, it is advisable to cool shower before.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water during the sauna session.sauna-2
  • No eating, drinking, exercise or smoking inside the sauna.
  • Do not use jewelry inside the sauna, since heat can cause skin burns.
  • Do not use the sauna if you have high or low pressure.
  • Do not use the sauna if you have heart.
  • Do not use the sauna if you are diabetic or suffer from epilepsy.
  • Please please turn off your cell phone during treatment.
  • Thank you for your understanding, always Andean spa care of your wellbeing